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Healthy Gut


Healthy Gur is a unique, innovative blend of Sunfiber, Probiotics, and digestive enzymes that work synergistically to help support excellent digestion and boost overall health. One Scoop of Healthy Gut gives you:

  • 6 G of pure, partially hydrolyzed, fermented guar Sunfiber power — Which is completely soluble in water, creating a tasteless, odorless, low-calorie liquid that is loaded with benefits. It also provides 18% of the FDA Daily Reference Value for fiber.
  • 1 Billion Colony-forming units (CFU) of Bifido36 Bifidobacterium Longum — Which is resistant to the damaging effects of stomach acid and bile. It also consumes the Sunfiber and strengthens the colony of good bacteria in your gut.
  • 25mg of Ultragest Digestive Enzyme Blend — which includes the brush border enzymes Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Amylase, and Cellulase, to help break down you food and the gentle, healthy dose of Sunfiber.

Additional Information

Healthy Gut Benefits:

  • Healthy Gut contains Sunfiber. Which is clinically-proven to help you improve digestive regularity, normalize bacterial flora, and improve the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • The amazing ingredients in Healthy Gut can also:
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • improve occasional constipation, poor elimination, occasional diarrhea, and loose stools.
  • Improve the frequency of elimination
  • Alleviate digestive imbalance
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Reduce post-meal glucose levels and support blood sugar balance
  • Slow gastric transit time and increase satiation hormones, helping you feel comfortably full and satiated
  • Help ease the symptoms of anxiety”
Great health and immune defense start in the gut. Add a scoop of this flavorless, odorless, fiber-packed supplement to any hot or cold liquid, Including plain water. Enjoy the many health benefits of Lewis Labs Healthy Gut

No added sugar, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, manufactured in the USA, no GMOs, gluten-free, dairy-free, no artificial ingredients.

Healthy Gut also contains Sunfiber®. Sunfiber is an innovative, fermented, all-natural dietary floor made from partially hydrolyzed guar. It comes from the bean of the guar plant that grows in India. The bean pods are harvested and processed to remove the husk and other parts of the seed, and then the remaining puritled, low-carbohydrate fiber is fermented and partially hydrolyzed to create a wonderfully smooth powder that’s super versatile in the kitchen or to take on the go.

Bifido36® Bifidobacterium longum (B. longum) is a very well-studied type of probiotic that includes 32 different bacterial strains. They are one of the first types of bacteria to colonize an infant’s intestines. When your digestive system is in balance, they live mostly in the colon, where they consume plant fiber and multiply to improve your intestinal health.
The UltraGest@ Digestive Enzyme Blend in Healthy Gut is made up of the brush border enzymes Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Amylase, and Celulase. They work to chemically break down complex food molecules into simpler ones that your body can absorb. They are naturally released by calls in the Ining of your intestines or “brush border, which resembles a brush, with many inlets to increase its surface area. However, with age, many people don’t produce enough enzymes to achieve proper digestion. The enzymes in Healthy Gut give your body a helping hand, as well as ensure the Sunfiber® may be properly digested

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.