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30 packets, 210 grams per box1 packet per day. Enjoy the revitalizing powers of LimuPlex® with over 500 naturally occurring nutrients found in Limu Seaweed, Bovine Colostrum & Botanicals to support a healthy immune system and natural energy. Also contains Zeolites – natural mineral detoxifiers.


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Serving Size 1 packet - 7g
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 20
Calories from Fat 1
Total Fat 40 mg
Unsaturated Fat 40 mg
Total Carbohydrates 5 g 2% †
Dietary Fiber (Nat. Occuring) 60 mg
Sugars 2 g *
Sodium 30 mg 1%
Potassium 100 mg 3%
Proprietary Blend 1.74 g
Cranberry Blend *
Colostrum *
Laminaria Japonica (Limu) Extract (40:1) *
Elderberry Extract (80% polyphenols) *
Grape Skin Extract (80% polyphenols) *
Grape Seed Extract (Vitus Vinifera) (95% polyphenols) *
Malic Acid *
Lo Han (Monordica Grosvenori, Fruit) *
Fucoidan Extract (85%) *
Zeolites (Clinoptilolite) *
Lotus Seed Extract** *
Betaine *
Astaxanthin *
Resveratrol (from Resvida) *
† Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet
* Daily Value not established. **U.S. Patent # 6,602,526

Additional Information



Drink to your health!  The LimuPlex whole food complex nourishes you with over 500 powerful phytonutrients!

Each drink provides the rejuvenating health benefits for all your major systems including:

  • immune
  • cardiovascular
  • endocrine
  • neurological
  • intestinal
  • muscular-skeletal
  • brain

Since the body’s systems are inter-dependent, the adverse health of one system can negatively affect the others. LimuPlex nourishes your cells with one of the most dense antioxidants of its kind in the world! The Super Combo. The combination of these perfect foods help balance, strengthen and support healthy immune function and optimum wellness.


In the age of “super bugs” and stress-related illness, a healthy immune system has never been more important. LimuPlex is one of the most powerful immune support formulas on the market. It contains nature’s immune protectors:

LIMU SEAWEED: People of the South Pacific have been consuming Limu (Brown Seaweed) for centuries and attribute their healthy longevity to Limu. Science has verified their folklore. Limu is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, detoxifiers and glyconutrients.

FUCOIDAN: One of the most important recent discoveries, Fucoidan, is an extraordinary immune enhancer. A quick google search will show hundreds of studies on the benefits of Fucoidan for the health of the immune system, GI tract, heart and circulatory system, bone strength and stem cells. Fucoidan supports overall wellness and fights oxidation from free radicals that contribute to inflammation.

COLOSTRUM – Nature’s Immune Enhancer:All mammals create colostrum for a short period of time after they give birth. LimuPlex provides Mother cow’s colostrum rich in immunoglobulins that transfer some of her immune defenses against viruses and bacteria passively to her calf. When the calf absorbs Colostrum with its antibodies and growth factors in its GI tract, it is primed for health growth, regeneration and survival. Science has verified that the Colostrum immune and growth factors are bio-available to humans. You can derive many health benefits you won’t get in ordinary vitamins or foods from the nutritious first milk.

ELDERBERRY – The Powerful Immune Berry: You might have seen elderberry syrup being sold in drug stores as a health remedy. The truth is elderberries have been used for centuries in traditional folk medicine. Scientists have found they contain powerful compounds which do indeed power up the immune defenses against invaders.

CRANBERRY – Urinary Tract Support for Women & Men: Urinary tract health is vital for our well being. Unfortunately, as we age, or if we have immune challenges or are exposed to bacteria, we run into problems. Any man who has prostate issues, or woman who has had a urinary tract problem knows how important it is to protect our urinary tract health. The good news is that every packet of LimuPlex provides the equivalent of 2 full Cranberry capsules or 2 glasses of Cranberry juice, without the added sugars found in typical high calories cranberry drinks. With each glass of LimuPlex you get the benefits of Cranberry scientifically proven to support urinary tract and bladder health for women and men.


The hormonal or endocrine system controls everything from hot flashes to testosterone levels, from metabolic function to repair and regeneration cycles of our cells. As we age, the hormonal levels change and the ability to repair and regenerate is reduced. Colostrum contains FGF & IGF–1 and other growth factors that help balance the hormonal system and aid in supporting the repair process in the body.

LimuPlex also provides resVida®, the purest form of Resveratrol. Harvard Scientists called it the “longevity molecule” when they found mice who got Resveratrol lived 20% longer, ran like athletes on the treadmill, gained less fat, had more muscle and stayed more youthful than those who did not get it.


Stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyles can all be a challenge to the health of our heart!  Making positive lifestyle changes are vital. Resveratrol helps support healthy cardiovascular function. In fact, this compound was first discovered in red wine. Ever heard of the “French Paradox?” Despite the high intake of fatty foods like cheese and butter’s and sauces, the French people have very healthy hearts. Scientists believe it’s because they have a high intake of red wine protecting their hearts with lots of Resveratrol.

LimuPlex gives you the benefit of Resveratrol plus other of antioxidants, that play a key role in cardiovascular health. You benefit from Grape seed & skin extracts, plus Cranberry and Elderberry rich in powerful Polyphenols, Anthocyanins & Antioxidants that neutralize inflammation causing free radicals that contribute to “oxidative aging.”


Stomach ailments are among the top complaints from patient to doctor. Over 70% of the immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract. The immune components of LimuPlex alone are a tremendous aid to gastrointestinal and urinary tract health. Colostrum suppoerts normal gastrointestinal function as does Fucoidan, Cranberry and Elderberry. From digestion to absorption to immunity, good health starts with your GI tract!


Mood, memory and clear mental focus are all functions of your neurological system. Your ability to think, make fast decisions, remember, and stay focused and calm all depend on the health of your brain!

Scientists discovered 8 Essential Sugars called Glyconutrients are responsible in part for normal cell-to-cell communication. LimuPlex is provides these 8 Essential Glyconutrients.


We all want strong bones, nice teeth, flexible joints and firm muscles. LimuPlex helps support the body’s need for nutritional compouds that go beyond ordinary vitamins.  Hundreds of food factors help to insure optimum health.  Fucoidan has been found to support bone mineralization. 

Colostrum contains Growth Factors used in natural healing and repair. IGF from colostrum helps to stimulate increased lean muscle mass. Patented Lotus Seed contains a natural DNA Repair enzyme, Methyl Transferase (MT) has been shown to firm and rejuvenate the skin’s youthful appearance.


LimuPlex is a delicious Berry flavored drink. Pour one scoop of the powder into a glass, add water and watch the lightly effervescent bubbles go to work. They release the isotonic/electrolyte delivery system used in sports drinks to rapidly allow better absorption. LimuPlex is free of preservatives, additives, artificial colors and flavors. LimuPlex is sweetened with Lo Han Kuo, a nutrient dense fruit, which has been used for centuries in Asian cultures for its immune boosting health benefits! 


How can one product do so many wonderful things to optimize your health?  Whole foods found in nature concentrate the most powerful components.  We have combined them in the LimuPlex formula to improve your health and vitality!



This natural red-orange carotenoid which originates from the red microalgae and is the most potent antioxidant known. It supports a healthy heart. Protects your eyes.  Improves your skin. Helps in muscle recovery. And promotes joint health. Astaxanthin is not only one of the most potent, but also one of the few antioxidants capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier . Astaxanthin can help mop up damaging free radicals to help protect your brain and your memory.


Resveratrol in LimuPlex also helps promote healthy brain function. This powerful antioxidant found in nature, most notably in red wine, has the ability to activate the Sirtuin1 longevity gene that protects the cardiovascular system, maintains neurocognitive function and helps extend the lifespan etc.

The problem is most resveratrol used by vitamin companies comes from the inexpensive Asian plant known as Polygonum Cuspidatum. However this form of resveratrol provides unwanted contaminants and is less effective. Rejuvenetics uses Resvida™, the highest and purest form of resveratrol from Europe, which consists of the exact same resveratrol molecule found in red wine..


Zeolites are minerals that are formed in volcanic eruptions, appearing in nature as a result of the chemical reaction between volcanic glass and saline water. Zeolites have large open spaces or cages in their structures that form channels. The natural properties of zeolites allow them to attract to themselves and trap within themselves positively charged atoms, ions, and compounds, and can remove them from a system.

The natural zeolite ‘clinoptilolite’ is used in LimuPlex. This particular zeolite has been used for over 800 years in traditional medicine to improve general health in places like India, China, Japan, and Russia.

In the United States this zeolite has been used in water filtration, air purification, animal feed and even in fertilizers to keep crops healthy. Today, clinoptilolite is being used as a dietary supplement, primarily for human detoxification.


Take LimuPlex first thing in the morning, and always on an empty stomach. You’ll begin to notice the benefits quickly. In the first few days you may see little changes:  More Positive Mood. More Energy. A bit more Stamina.  More clarity and focus. The ability to workout longer and over time increased muscle tone and even weight loss.

As you nourish your body with over 500 nutrients in LimuPlex, you will experience benefits in your own unique way depending on what your body needs and how dramatically it impacts your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.